Welcome to NewChk, pronounced “New Check”. NewChk is a free, open source, easy-to-use, PHP variable checker for web developers. NewChk takes any variable you enter, and outputs a visually pleasing report to your browser window about that variable.


Checks all variables

nulls, booleans, integers, floats, strings, arrays, & objects

Checks all PHP global variables


Uses the same call for all variables

No more indecision on whether to use print_r, var_dump, or echo.

View multiple variables with one call

Change the display colors

Change the display size

Save time with easy clean-up

Displays the file name and line number where it was called

Individual Data Types:


The array and any sub arrays are shown along with array data and associative keys.


  • The class name of the instance is given.
  • All parent class names are shown.
  • All public properties of the class and parent classes are listed with their corresponding values.
  • All public methods of the class and parent classes along with their parameters are shown.