NewChk came about because of my frustration with the built in PHP debugging commands and their outputs. The way they needed to be used seemed archaic. For all the reasons listed in “Why NewChk,” I decided to spend some time building a better mousetrap.

I am indebted to those that came before me, and led the way. This program has a history. It originally started with ColdFusion’s cfDump. That program and a fellow developer, Andrew Hewitt, inspired Kwaku Otchere to write the dbug.php program that I have used many times, and recommended in my blog. I also looked at the features in another variable checker, Krumo, when determining the features to include in NewChk.

NewChk is a new program with many new features not available in previous variable checkers. It is as an object-oriented class, and thus requires PHP 5.3.2 or higher to run. If you are still using any PHP below 5.3.2, I would like to recommend you use Kwaku Otchere dbug.php program.

NewChk is a work in progress. If you have suggestions for improvements or new features please post them in the comments, along with any bugs you may find. Thank you for downloading and trying NewChk.