NewChk can check what is in the cookies on the user’s browser. Let’s take a look.


This output was created by this call:

new chk($_COOKIE);

With NewChk, we get a list of all your $_COOKIE variables in one call.

Let’s go over the output. The first line says that $_COOKIE is an array, and new chk($_COOKIE) was called in the savesitrep.php file on line 72.

The next line says that $_COOKIE contains a key named “CHKCOLORS,” which has a value of: green, #D2FFC4, which correspond to the colors in the above picture. The other key is PHPSESSID with a long alphanumeric, this means that a session has been started on the server in PHP, and the session id is the value shown. Any other $_COOKIE variables would be listed on additional lines.