NewChk offers some advantages when checking your $_GET variables. Let’s take a look.

$_GETThis output was created by this call:

new chk($_GET);

You’ll notice that I didn’t have to type something like:

echo “this is the asset”. $_GET[‘asset’];

You could say that this is not that much different, however by doing it with a NewChk, we get a list of all your $_GET variables in one call, which is a time saver over looking for your $_GET varaiable one at a time.

Let’s go over the output. The first line says that $_GET is an array, and new chk($_GET) was called in the inventoryedit.php file on line 77.

The second line says that $_GET contains a key named “asset” which has a value of 95. Any other $_GET variables would be listed on additional lines. To see what additional lines look like take a look at the $_POST documentation.