Download “” and unzip it to a directory. In that directory you will find a file called, “chk.php.”

The entire “NewChk” application is in that one object-oriented class file, chk.php.

Before you can call the class and use “NewChk” in your development, you have to include the class in the file you’re editing. This can be done in several ways:

1. You can call it with an include, or require, or include_once, or require_once in the development file. For example,

include “../../chk.php”;

It’s much easier to have access to chk.php, no matter what file or directory you are working in, throughout your project, and just call the program when needed.

2. This can be done by putting the chk.php file in your path in php.ini file. This will make the chk class available to all your projects.

3. Alternatively, if the application your developing, has autoloading built in to the framework, or your using PHP autoloading, you can simply put the chk.php file with your other class files, and it will be autoloaded when needed, and available throughout your application.

After you have chk.php set up, see “Getting Started” for how to use NewChk.