Test NewChk Outputs

A file has been included with the NewChk distribution, newchktest.php, that will allow you to view all the newchk output displays in one browser page.

This was included to verify that newchk is operating correctly on your system, to show you what a particular type of variable output should look like, and to give users a confidence that newchk will work with any varaible they want to check in their development efforts.

To view the page, make sure your web server is running.  Bring up the browser of your choice, and open the file, newchktest.php.

When I tested this outside my development environment the page came up like a source file.  If you get a source file in your browser window, instead of a browser page, drop the newchk2.0 folder into your web server directory, for example, drop the folder and its contents into the www folder in wampserver.  Click on the folder in localhost, and then on newchktest.php, and the browser will display the file properly.